Updated Reimbursement Rates Necessary, Letter to the Editor

April 23, 2015

From the Le Sueur News Herald,

To the editor:

There has been a lot of talk in the news and at the capitol about nursing homes needing reimbursement increases.
Many nursing homes are struggling to make ends meet, and may be looking at closing in the near future. The reimbursement rates from the state are not keeping up with the increasing costs associated with running a business. Rural nursing homes are hit especially hard due to getting paid at least 10 percent less than metro facilities. Nursing homes are struggling to recruit employees and also to keep them. Many facilities are unable to staff enough people and are turning away admissions due to lack of staff available.
There is a bill in the house that is proposing an updated payment system for all the nursing homes in the state which is HF316 and SF273. It is imperative that the legislators support this bill to ensure that nursing homes can stay in rural communities. This will allow today’s senior citizens, and the senior citizens of the future to stay in the communities that they know and love, the communities where they are familiar, the communities where their families live.
Minnesota Valley Health Center is fortunate to have the support of Sen. Kevin Dahle and Rep. Bob Vogel. They have both introduced bills into the legislator asking for increased funding for our facility. Please join me in thanking them for supporting our seniors with HF487 and SF318 submitted for our facility and also HF316 and SF273 submitted for the entire state. You may email them at rep.bob.vogel@house.mn and sen.kevin.dahle@senate.mn.
We also have the support of Rep. Joe Schomacker who is the Chair of the Aging and Long-Term Care Policy Committee. You may reach him at rep.joe.schomacher@house.mn.

Thank you for your continued support of our facility,
LuAnn Linn, LNHA
Minnesota Valley Health Center
Nursing Home Administrator

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