Foundation Announces Campaign 2011 - Beyond "The Build"

July 6, 2011

At a press conference held at the Minnesota Valley Health Center on Wednesday, July 6th, the Minnesota Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation (MVMH) officially launched Campaign 2011 – Beyond "The Build." The Foundation‟s goal is to raise $650,000 to complement Minnesota Valley Health Center's (MVHC) major construction project, dubbed "The Build."

"We are proud to know the Minnesota Valley Health Center is financially strong enough to embark on a $6.6 million building project," said Paul Borchert, chair of the MVMH Foundation Board of Directors. "The Foundation is excited to announce Campaign 2011 to raise funds to put some final touches on the build project. This will add tremendous value to the nursing home, hospital and the services they provide."

Funds raised will be dedicated to the early completion of interior projects in the hospital and nursing home that are a part of MVHC‟s long range Master Plan.

"We expect to complete our fundraising campaign by mid-October, allowing the health center to begin gutting and rebuilding patient rooms in the hospital and renovating resident rooms in the older nursing home Bluff and Meadow wings," said Borchert. "We're pleased to assist and go beyond the build."

Trish Townsdin, CEO and President of the Minnesota Valley Health Center, expressed gratitude for all of the foundation's work and explained the health center's Master Plan.

"In 2009, the MVHC Board of Directors and staff completed a Master Plan to set the direction of our capital build improvements over the next ten years," Townsdin said. "The first page of the plan reads that the plan is dedicated' all of the corporation, board, auxiliary, and staff members throughout our 50 year history and to the community of Le Sueur for the privilege of serving you .....With your vision always with us, we continue your journey into the future.'

"Our current build project and the foundation's planned interior projects are the best tribute I can think of to honor those who came before us," Townsdin said. "My deepest gratitude goes out to the Foundation and the community."

Minnesota Valley Health Center serves a largely rural area encompassing portions of Le Sueur, Sibley, Nicollet, and Scott Counties.

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