July 25, 2020 Ridgeview Le Sueur Nursing & Rehab Center Visitor Guidance

Ridgeview Le Sueur Nursing &Rehab Center recognizes that social distancing and physical separation are still important to keep residents safe from exposure to COVID-19.  We also acknowledge the unintended consequences of prolonged social distancing and isolation to the residents’ overall health and wellbeing.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) have imposed visitor restrictions in long term care settings since the beginning of the pandemic.  These restrictions are still in place.  Recently, news media announced that MDH was allowing visitors to re-enter long term care facilities.  Unfortunately, the media did not share the requirements surrounding this announcement.

Effective July 25, 2020, MDH has permitted long term care facilities to institute facility-specific “Essential Caregiver” (EC) programs.  MDH has made it very clear that long-term care facilities are NOT required to implement an EC program. 

Ridgeview Le Sueur Nursing & Rehab Center has worked diligently to keep COVID-19 out of the building.  We are very happy that no known COVID-19 exposures have occurred in our facility as of this writing.  In an effort to remain COVID-19 free, Ridgeview will continue to be very cautious in modifying our policies about who can enter our building. 

One criteria that MDH released as visitation guidance was that new COVID-19 case rates in the county should be trending down for 7 days.  Le Sueur County has shown an increase in positive cases for a number of days and continues to rise.  As a result, Ridgeview Le Sueur Nursing & Rehab Center will not be implementing an Essential Caregiver visit program at this time. 

Indoor visits are still not allowed per the MDH.  Please know that scheduled patio visits and Precious Window visits will remain options for our families.  Contact the nursing home at 507-665-2262 to schedule a visit.

We will continue to evaluate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and work on a plan to re-open the facility for visitation once we receive updated guidance from the state and meet the requirements that specified in that guidance.  One step toward this plan is to complete point prevalence testing of all staff and residents.  We will keep you updated as to the status of these tests.

Thank you for your support and patience as we navigate through these unprecedented times.  You all matter here!

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