March 8-14 is Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 10, 2015

PSAW2015_for-website.jpgMarch 8-14 is National Patient Safety Awareness Week. Every day, the staff at Minnesota Valley Health Center work diligently to ensure the safety of patients and residents. This week is a perfect opportunity to highlight the effort that staff members make every day to protect the safety of patients.

The nursing home staff has been working tirelessly to install a new call light system. The system is nearly in place and will be completely installed in the next few months. Once the system is complete, every resident will have an alert button next to their bed and also in their bathroom so they can easily and quickly alert nursing staff when they need assistance. A designated member of the nursing staff carries a radio on them at all times that alerts them immediately when a resident needs assistance.

The hospital nursing staff takes extreme care to make sure that medication is safely administered to patients. They follow a stringent guideline that ensures patients are given the correct medication in the correct dosage at the correct time, and that it is administered as prescribed.

With the recent implementation of Epic electronic health records, staff members in the hospital now have another opportunity to protect patients’ safety. The move away from paper records will allow staff to protect patients’ privacy and safety at MVHC. The nursing home uses a different electronic health records chart that allows them to safely and confidentially track the residents’ health status.

At Sunrise Plaza independent living apartments, the apartment manager checks on every tenant every day with the “I’m OK” program. Every morning by 9 am, tenants are asked to place a magnet on their apartment door frame that says “I’m OK.” That way, the manager knows that the tenants are doing just fine, and she doesn’t need to check on them. It’s a great way to ensure that all of the tenants are safe without disturbing the privacy of their apartments.

In the Dietary Department at MVHC, the staff maintains diet cards for all residents. These cards list any allergies, preferences, and diet restrictions to ensure that residents are always offered meals that they enjoy and that won’t conflict with any medical needs or dietary requirements. This practice keeps the residents safe at meal times.

Other examples of dedication to patient and resident safety exist throughout Minnesota Valley Health Center. The registration staff greets everyone who comes through the front doors to help direct them, but also to make sure that they have a legitimate reason to be in the facility. The maintenance staff installs and maintains security cameras throughout the entire facility so that staff can monitor the daily activities in the facility. The housekeeping staff works around the clock to ensure that the facilities are clean and safe for all of the patients and residents.

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