MVHC is BESTAge accredited

April 19, 2012

3b690855deaaecff76028c99bb1846eb_f296.jpgKnowing that exercise is medicine, Minnesota Valley Health Center has earned accreditation in an exercise-based wellness program called BESTAge®.  

 “Many people feel that getting older is the cause of problems traditionally faced by older adults,” said Nate Dahle, RN, Long Term Care Director of Nursing. “But it’s important to understand that weakness is not caused by age alone, but rather it’s often a normal reaction to a lack of exercise and exertion.” 

 Even for the most ill, exercise can treat many problems and prevent others.

 “While injury and disease can rob us of our ability to exercise, many of the physical struggles we face as we get older can be slowed, stopped or reversed with the appropriate exercise,” said Dahle. “Our residents are really enjoying the sessions. We play music and have fun. As a result, we’re seeing improvement in the areas of strength, balance and flexibility.”

The program uses outcome-based measures to assess each resident’s progress and to determine if adjustments need to be made. Restorative Nursing & Recreation Services Staff trained by BESTAge® include wellness coaches Theresa Kelly, Angie Boehne and Julie Hagberg.

  “Wellness exercise programs definitely improve quality of life,” says Jamie Thomes, CTRS, Short & Long Term Care Wellness Coordinator. “The residents are enjoying taking part.”  

 The campus of Minnesota Valley Health Center includes a Care Center (nursing home), hospital, 24/7 ER, specialty outpatient clinics, lab and radiology services, and an onsite family practice clinic owned by the Mayo Clinic Health System.

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