MVHC is a FluSafe Facility

September 27, 2012

Minnesota Valley Health Center is deemed a FluSafe facility

         Protecting residents and patients is a top priority

The Minnesota Department of Health has recognized Minnesota Valley Health Center (MVHC) Gardenview Nursing Home as a FluSafe Facility based on its high influenza vaccination rates.

“FluSafe is a patient and resident safety campaign aimed at achieving high influenza vaccination rates among healthcare personnel,” explains Trish Townsdin, MVHC CEO/President. “It’s an award-winning program developed by the Minnesota Department of Health.” 

The goal of FluSafe is to get all healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes vaccinated against the flu. Statewide, 197 healthcare facilities participated in the 2011-12 campaign. The top-rated Essentia Health site was Minnesota Valley Health Center where at least 90 percent of staff was vaccinated against the flu. 

“Our participation in the Flu Safe program shows our commitment to patient and resident safety by actively fighting influenza infection,” says Townsdin. “It also keeps our employees and their families healthy.” 

Because influenza is the sixth leading cause of death among adults in the U.S., vaccination of healthcare personnel is strongly recommended by MDH and the Center for Disease Control. Unvaccinated staff can pass highly contagious influenza to patients and residents, many of whom are at high risk for complications of influenza. That’s why the FluSafe program is also endorsed by the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety. 

The Minnesota Department of Health’s FluSafe program was established in 2010 to increase rates of healthcare personnel influenza vaccination in the state. Statistics are showing that hospitals and nursing homes that take part in the voluntary program have higher vaccination rates than facilities that do not participate. FluSafe was named a National Winner in the Healthcare Personnel Campaign category and received a 2012 Immunization Excellence Award from the National Influenza Vaccine Summit (NIVS).

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