MVHC Participates in Federal Patient Safety Program

April 30, 2014

Le Sueur hospital to implement, test and share best practices to prevent C.diff

1b69dfdc6939b7757eaf196f3efa7c7c_f1035.jpg"MVHC, through the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA), is participating in the federal Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network - Leading Edge Advanced Practice Topics (LEAPT)," says Ann Johnson, MVHC Quality Coordinator. "The LEAPT proposal builds on MHA's model of identifying and spreading best practices to all hospitals."

MVHC is one of twenty-four Minnesota hospitals selected to create and test strategies to measure and improve outcomes for patients in specifically identified areas. MVHC will refine, implement, test and share best practices to prevent Clostridium difficile, commonly referred to as C.diff.

C.diff is a bacterial infection that can be acquired during a hospital stay or after treatment with certain antibiotics. C.diff leads to a wide range of symptoms from diarrhea to life-threatening colon inflammation.

Lawrence Massa, president and chief executive officer of the Minnesota Hospital Association, said:"Being selected for this initiative is a testament to the innovative work going on in Minnesota hospitals to continuously improve patient care. Participation in this program will help ensure that Minnesota hospitals will continue to be at the forefront of the nation in delivering safe, high-quality care to patients."

"MVHC is proud to have been selected to participate." Johnson says. "Upon completion of the program, MVHC's results will be shared nationally."

Minnesota already leads the way in healthcare. For the second year in a row, the federal Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality has named Minnesota #1 in the country for overall healthcare quality.

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