MVHC sponsors Win With Wellness Bingo

November 11, 2013

Bingo cards offer a variety of healthy lifestyle choices

About a year ago, Minnesota Valley Health Center (MVHC) embarked upon a Community Health Assessment that included bringing together a wide range individuals and healthcare professionals. The goal was to identify the health needs and concerns of the communities served by MVHC.

“Focus groups met and over time, the specific health issue that surfaced was diabetes,” said Pam Williams. MVHC Interim CEO. “The resulting plan was to address diabetes by making sure those already diagnosed with this chronic condition were fully educated and getting appropriate, continuing treatment. Additionally, programs promoting the prevention of diabetes were also identified.”

Research shows that good nutrition and regular exercise, from childhood on through adulthood, can help prevent diabetes.  To encourage this, a Win With Wellness BINGO program was launched September 30th. It’s designed to help individuals make healthy choices by choosing tips on BINGO cards. The choices range from ‘Take a Walk’ to ‘Eat the Rainbow in Fruits & Vegetables’ and ‘Bust Stress With Deep Breaths.’

“While the prevention portion of the program is in a bingo format, individuals do not “play” bingo but rather take home the cards and x-out all of the squares,” Williams explains. “The goal is not to win at bingo, but to win by choosing a healthier lifestyle.”

Wellness prizes are awarded on a monthly basis and names are drawn from registration boxes located next to the BINGO banner stands located at MVHC, Corner Drug Health Mart and the Le Sueur Community Center. Win With Wellness is a 12-month program, with bingo cards changing quarterly.

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