Open house showcases private patient rooms

April 8, 2014

April 7th open house showcases new private patient rooms

Hospital_Room_2.jpgMinnesota Valley Health Center celebrated the completion of a multi-million dollar construction and renovation project on Monday, April 7th, at an open house showcasing its newly remodeled hospital wing.

All patient rooms in the hospital are now private rooms, something hospital officials say is a major benefit.

“Not only are the rooms more attractive and home-like, but also a major step forward in patient safety,” says MVHC Interim CEO Pam Williams. “Being in a private room cuts down on the potential for infection.”

The $6.6 million construction and renovation project, which began in 2010, was named The Build and included a new dedicated emergency entrance and ambulance bay; a 5,000-square-foot centralized entrance and lobby area; a 12,164-square-foot, 22-examination room clinic; administrative offices and a conference center in the previously unused basement area of the original hospital; and a completely renovated and updated outpatient specialty clinic.

“The importance and life-saving advantage of a hometown hospital can’t be understated,” said Randy Baum, chair of the MVHC Board of Directors. “We’ve made significant improvements to a facility that was built in the 1950s. With additional funds raised by the Minnesota Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation, we were able to basically rebuild the hospital patient area.”

With new rooms and renovated spaces also comes updated technology. MVHC now has some of the most recent medical technologies, providing better service to patients.

“We just upgraded the telemetry system we had so staff can better monitor the patients,” Williams said. “Each patient’s vital signs are continually monitored at the nurses’ desk.”

Telemetry is a highly automated communications process by which measurements are made and other data is collected.

“Other upgrades include improvements that help reduce infections,” Williams continues. “The new patient rooms have two sinks – one in the main room and another in the bathroom – where they previously only had one. The two sinks eliminate some of the potential for infection and cross contamination."

Patient safety is an on-going process and hospitals across the country are being challenged to improve in all areas of patient safety. (MVHC is one of 24 hospitals currently participating in a federal Partnership for Patients program, to create and test strategies to measure and improve outcomes for patients in certain identified areas.)

The foundation’s Beyond the Build fundraising efforts drew pledges from individuals, businesses and the foundation itself. The hospital staff also conducted an internal fund drive.

“We feel fortunate to have the support,” Williams said. “We have hard-working people on the MVHC Board, the Foundation, the MVHC auxiliary and our staff. It’s very heart-warming to know that all those people still want this place to be here. We’re fully committed to providing  high-quality health care in this community.”

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