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Ridgeview Le Sueur Medical Center includes a hospital, emergency department with helipad,  Ridgeview Le Sueur Clinic (a primary care clinic), a dedicated outpatient specialty clinic, daily urgent care services, complete lab and radiology departments, a comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy department, short-term and long-term care nursing facilities, a Senior Day Program and independent living senior housing at Sunrise Plaza. Our extensive healthcare campus serves the residents of Le Sueur and Henderson and the surrounding communities. Watch our video.

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Board of Directors

Ridgeview Le Sueur Medical Center Board of Directors

Mark Amundson, Le Sueur
David Braun, Le Sueur
Bob Broeder, Le Sueur
Kay King, Le Sueur
Shawn Kirby, City of Le Sueur Appointee
Irene Manke, Board Chair, Le Sueur
Wayne Hubin, Ridgeview Medical Center Board Member Liaison
Steve Smith, Le Sueur

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